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Three superb singers first album.

Dalinda: Orbán Johanna, Paár Julianna, Tímár Sára

Dalinda is an a cappella ensemble of three superb singers. Their musical mother tongue is based on authentic Hungarian folk singing tradition. The past years of their work together has ripened into this recording, which contains authentic folk songs sung in unison as well as polyphonic and more modern sounds.

With our first record we go through the stages of a women’s life cycle, placing them in a new light. We selected folk songs of the Carpathian Basin: vocal melodies from all five regions. Our repertoire comes from every corner of the Hungarian language area, also including material from other ethnic groups living here. We give these songs voice through the techniques and tools of authentic folk song. The experiences we have gained during our own collection work make our performance style more authentic. Though traditionally polyphonic singing is rare in the Hungarian language area, we do use the instruments of vocal polyphony in our work. In this endeavor for our musical inspiration, we draw from the polyphony of other ethnic groups and on our own musical experience.”

Dalinda’s artistic approach and mentality come from Hungarian folk singing traditions. Their goal is to make the vocal folk music known to an ever widening circle, while the making use of its inherent creative opportunities. The members of the singing group began working together in 2008 as students in the folk singing department at Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. Over the years they have performed in numerous traditional and world music productions, including the Kossuth award winning folk singer Szvorak Katalin’s a cappella formation. Dalinda’s singers have developed their common musical voice through persistent performance and research work. Dalinda singers: Orbán Johanna, Paár Julianna, Tímár Sára preserve tradition through their teaching and collection work, and their performances.


1. Nyílik (Csávás, Kis-Küküllő mente) / It’s opening
2. Zsálya, rózsa, viola (Kiss Ferenc átdolgozás) / Sage, rose, violet
3. Legényvásár (bereg) / Young men’s market
4. Menyecske / Bride
5. Hajnal hasad / Dawn is breaking
6. Harangoznak (Magyarbőd, Abaúj-Torna) / Church bells are ringing
7. Egy madár /One bird
8. Fehér galamb / White dove
9. Szíved rejteke / Hidden in your heart
10. Pakulár / Shepherd
11. Te vagy a kutya /You are the dog

A dalokhoz írt szövegrészletek az alábbi mesék alapján készültek:
A táltos kanca és a libapásztorlány, Az orsó, a vetélő, meg a tű, Rigócsőr király
A dalok szövegei megtalálhatók a weboldalon.

Parts of the written song texts are based on Hungarian folk tales

Hangfelvétel/Recording: Mohai György, Pannonia Sound Studios
Keverés/Mixing: Dióssy Ákos, Barázda Stúdió
Fotó/Photo: Wertán Botond, Wertán Fotó
Arculat, grafika/ Graphics: Sebestyén Áron, Inspired Selection
Átdolgozás/Re-write: Kiss Ferenc (track 2: Zsálya, rózsa, viola)
Kiadó/Label: Fonó Budai zeneház
A lemez az NKA támogatásával jött létre
This recording was made possible through support from the Hungarian National Cultural Fund


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