The Hungarian folk-scene is colorful and exciting. Some tend to hold on to the original sounds, others seek inspiration in contemporary genres. Thus everyone is in some way re-forming their own musical heritage. Foremost among the many young and talented performers on this scene is the Góbé band, formed in 2007. The „alt-folk-fellas”, as their fans call them, are familiar faces in the inner-city-clubs...More »

Góbé: ZENG

Vizeli Máté: violas, kobza, guitar, backup vocals
Csasznyi Imre: bassprimetambura, lead vocal
Rigó Márton: violin, backup vocals
Egervári Mátyás: dulcimer, harmonising tambura, flutes, bagpipes
Czupi Áron: drum set, percussion, backup vocals
Timár Márton: double bass

Artists of the Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra: Szabó Tamás, Szabó Gábor - violin; Modrián Ildikó - viola; Stoll Péter – cello

1. Idegen/ Stranger
2. Mayer
3. Mohács
4. Semmi / Nothing
5. Honvédtüzér / Infantry man
6. Búcsú / Farewell
7. Indulj el / Go forth
8. Kapitány úr / Captain
9. Keserű víz / Bitter water
10. Fekete –fehér / Black and white
11. Bartók Béla
12. Zsuzsika / Susie

The recordings are made in LA Gardens Studio by Róbert Maczkó and in Rolebo Studio by Levente Bors Rossa.


Special thanks to our families, friends and audience for all the support, to Farkas Béla for his painstaking efforts, to Balogh Kálmán and Moldván Zsolt for the instruments, and last but not least, to You, holding this record in your hand.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Maczkó Róbert
Graphic design: Goór Attila
Translation: Mátyás Éva

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