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Lukács Miklós: No Man's Land

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Fonó, 2021

"Sooner or later all the people of the world must find a way to live together in peace." (Martin Luther King)

On his new album, Lukács Miklós, one of Hungary’s most versatile contemporary composers, takes the listener to an ethereal, troubled, and yet familiar world. The pandemic gave space and time for the birth of “No Man’s Land”, but it also goes beyond the artist’s previous work in terms of concept, performance and expression. Working with co-producers Kopcsik Márton and Moldvai Márk, the recordings were made in Bresaola Studio and the composer’s home.


“The epidemic and quarantine have killed the musician’s last venue for expression - live performance. However who knows how many venues there are at any given moment in the living rooms, bedrooms and the private sphere during online concerts” says the artist about his first solo album. The seven interconnected compositions on ‘No Man's Land’ are rooted in the soils of world music, contemporary music, free jazz, ambient, noise, and experimental electronics. Each explores opposites: ego and ego-lessness, digital and analog, electronic and acoustic - and shows the interaction of hope and hopelessness.


“The world has gone cold – no man’s land. As if our hopes and the stars are growing rigid with death on heaps of scrap metal.” (Pilinszky: excerpt from: “Kihült világ”)

"There must always be at least one Awakened Dreamer on earth otherwise the world would be submerged in night." (Hamvas Béla)

“When I started working on these compositions, the world had just plunged into gloom and uncertainty. Almost two years have passed since then, but mostly the fog still surrounds us and in the midst of this darkness it seems as if we have become perpetual sleepwalkers. Yet, if I were to give these pieces a motto, I would turn to Hamvas Béla’s thought mentioned above, because my words could not express it like his. So, ARE there still Awakened Dreamers left on this earth? I don't know, but I really hope so. And I dedicate this record to them, wherever they may be right now.” (Lukács Miklós)


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