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"​​Viktor ​​Toth ​is one of the most versatile figures in Hungarian jazz. Through his music, Toth can express himself as a rambunctious post-bop virtuoso (for example, in the Toth Viktor Tercett) or as a spiritual guide for the soul as in the Arura Trio." said the press when reviewing his 2007 Climbing with Mountains, which, incidentally, won best jazz album of the same year. His newest album, called the Present won the...More »

Tóth Viktor Tercett feat. Gareth Williams: but inside

Fonó, 2017
FA 396-2
Bar code: 5998048539628

A concert recording made on Tóth Viktor’s 40th birthday with the best of British pianists

viktor tóth - alto sax
gareth williams - piano
györgy orbán - bass
dávid hodek - drums


1. albatross’ love 6’41”
2. young spirit 6’42”
3. wise river 6’19”
4. flying away 8’21”
5. be moody 5’53”
6. highway blues 5’18”
7. seventh garden 6’20”
8. ‘b’ drive 3’46”
9. new groove 2’09”
10. hallgató 5’07”
11. again & again 4’57”


all compositions by viktor tóth
recorded live by márton kopcsik at fonó (kultúrpart studio), budapest on 15 april, 2017
mixed and mastered by viktor szabó
all written passages and photos are from viktor’s notes and phone
design: viktor tóth, dóra kiss  pre printing: marianne szilasi

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