Nigun: Live inem Sargfabrik

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2016, Fonó

Nigun is a European jazz band that springs uniquely from Jewish music of central and eastern Europe, blending the spiritual strength of the tradition with modern jazz.

Nigun has always stepped beyond the borders of the genres – perhaps Klez-jazz describes their thought process the best. Their music is distinguished as much by creativity, as the magic of moments born of spontaneity on stage. All of this is reflected in their new recording Live inem Sargfabrik – released by Fonó.

“Live inem Sargfabrik or…Live at the Coffin Factory: despite its name - I can’t imagine a cultural complex more alive and colorful than Vienna’s Sargfabrik. Our first performance there a few years ago was also memorable; the level of professionalism and kindness they welcomed us with is rare. Performing there this time was no different. We played the concert then returned home without suspecting that the evening would become such a lasting and concrete memory.
The next morning all the material from the concert was waiting for me in an email. We didn’t have to write and request it or wait for months - there it was. The first time I listened to it, I knew it was the best Nigun recording so far and I showed it to the others. Fortunately they agreed that the material – the result of our last two years of work - was ready to see the light of day.
Thanks to all of our supporters, the Fonó and to everyone who listens to this recording.” (András Párniczky )

András Gábor Párniczky - guitar
Péter Bede – alto saxophone, tarogato
Péter Ajtai – double bass
István Baló – drums

1. Yiddishe Honga - Trad./Párniczky András Gábor 8'17"
2. Medley: Der Neier Doina - Sam Musiker
7-16 - Trad./Párniczky András Gábor 16'49"
3. Visszatérés - Párniczky András Gábor 6'52"
4. A kántor szombaton - Párniczky András Gábor 10'20"
5. Jó testvérek - Párniczky András Gábor 7'17"
6. Bulgar - Párniczky András Gábor 7'02"

Thanks to: Annabella Supper, Péter Csillag (, Imre Dombi, Ernő Galambos (, Attila Kis, Klaus ‘Nachbar’ Hallmann, Klára Párniczky

Concert mix/Live sound by Klaus Hallmann, 2015 November 17. ; Recording: Emil H. Lubej, Emap.FM; Mixing: Márton Kopcsik, Bresaola Studios, Budapest; Producer: András Gábor Párniczky; Design: Dóra Kiss; Release sponsored by MAZSÖK

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