Romano Drom

  Romano Drom is one of the most prominent representative of the contemporary Gypsy culture in Hungary. Since its foundation in 1999, the Band have traveled the world from Canada to South Korea, from Norway via Portugal to Ukraine and Serbia.     Romano Drom 's unique musical world got them resounding success and made them one of the most sought after world music band with a Gypsy heritage. Romano Drom, meaning...More »

Olah Gipsy Beats: No.1

FA 388-2
2016, Fonó
Bar code: 5998048538829

"Only change is constant." Eminent representatives of Hungary’s Roma bands have come together in the exciting group: Oláh Gipsy Beats!

The band members are musicians and leaders from the most popular bands in the genre - Romano Drom, Szilvási Gipsy Folk Band, Ando Drom and Ternipe.
Oláh Gipsy Beats’ repertoire draws from the four bands’ previous hits and traditional songs that form the basis of Oláh Gypsy music culture, with instrumentation for this group’s sound by Antal Kovács, leader of Romano Drom.
The seven singers together with brass instruments, bass and strong rhythms give the group a unique contemporary fusion sound. The group’s first recording named "No.1"  is released by Fonó with 13 tunes.

Members of the group:

Antal Kovács: guitar, voice (Romano Drom)
Béla Lakatos: water jug, voice (Ternipe )
Matild Dobi: voice (Ando drom)
István Farkas: mandolin, voice (Ternipe)
István Szilvási: spoons, voice (Szilvási Gipsy Folk Band)
Gabriella Tintér: voice
József Balogh: guitar, voice (Romano Drom)
Máté Kovács: water jug, perka, drum (Romano Drom)
Vilmos Seres: saxophone, clarinet, accordion
Péter Bordás: bass guitar

1. Kon dikhlas 4’35”
2. Xutyildela 4’05”
3. Kirchima 4’38”
4. Boldetu 4’28”
5. Gilyi cirdavav 3’42”
6. Sode Sheja 3’27”
7. Numa tusa 3’34”
8. Ne bántsatok ti engemet 4’03”
9. Zhutin Devla 3’36”
10. Vasvári Mix 2’37”
11. Aven mande 5’40”
12. Kerke dyesa 3’57”
13. Pala sheja 3’00”

Recorded at Kék Madár Studio; sound engineers: György Lőrincz, Krisztián Farkas; music director: Antal Kovács; manager: Dániel Maróti ; photos: Attila Kleb; design: Dóra Kiss P + © 2016 Fonó Budai Zeneházáh gipsy beats


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