Viktor Tóth

"​​Viktor ​​Toth ​is one of the most versatile figures in Hungarian jazz. Through his music, Toth can express himself as a rambunctious post-bop virtuoso (for example, in the Toth Viktor Tercett) or as a spiritual guide for the soul as in the Arura Trio." said the press when reviewing his 2007 Climbing with Mountains, which, incidentally, won best jazz album of the same year. His newest album, called the Present won the best jazz album in 2014. Viktor Tóth earned the title jazzman of the year 2010 also in 201​5​. Despite this, he still sees himself as a truth seeker and with his musical endeavors seeks to reach oneness with universal harmony. In 2010 he published the album Tartim and in 2011 Popping Bopping album came out. As Toth has played with such internationally renowned musicians as Hamid Drake (drums), Henry Franklin (bass), William Parker (bass) John Betsch (drums) Piotr Wojtasik (trumpet) and Mihaly Dresch (sax), he has garnered respect as a peer and has grown as a musician from these collaborations. His musical expression is dynamic yet sensitive and he strives to capture the energy of the moment with every performance. He has played throughout Europe and the United States in various jazz festivals. He leads his own Toth Viktor Tercett, he composes his own material, he produces music for contemporary dance performances and he collects folk music… He is always looking to forge ahead in new directions.

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Tóth Viktor Tercett feat. Gareth Williams:...

2.500 HUF


Tóth Viktor Arura Trio: Have No Fear...

2.500 HUF

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